What is DMCA &what is DMCA Protected Website

Today In this article we will discuss what is DMCA protection and What is Dmca Protected website, If the content on your website is written by yourself, then you are safe, but if you copy content from other websites or blogs, then you can also get trapped in its circle. The DMCA (Digital Millennium Copy Right Act) was enacted in 1998 by  President Bill Clinton. The reason behind implementing DMCA was that no person could copy someone else’s content. DMCA is proposed to control digital media and deal with copyright challenges the digital globe faces. DMCA not simply looks into the copyright intrusion issues faced by users on the internet but also reinforces penalty for people who offend against the law.

Digital Millennium Copy Right Act

If someone is copying the content from your website and uploading it on his/her website, in that case, you can catch it. Warn him or report the person, you are free to investigate by the Digital Millennium Copy Right Act.

With the help of the Digital Millennium Copy Right Act, you can protect your blog to a huge coverage. You can also keep an eye on it live as well.

DMCA Protection Badge on your website remains as a caution for people who duplicate content. With DMCA Protection Badge you can aware that person at any time you want.

How To Complain?

If you also locate your content on any more website, at first you have to check how much content has been copied by that person. If he has stolen your whole article, then you can effortlessly file a case, but if he has not copied your content entirely but has made some changes in it, then you do not have the right to file a case.

For eternity keep in mind that if the content has not been copied totally by another person, then it is not punishable according to the terms and conditions. Any individual is free to create his content from any website, so consider reading Google’s Terms & Conditions before taking any action.

So far, you must have understood what is DMCA and when we can complain. Now let’s discuss how to apply the DMCA Protection Badge on your website or blog?

DMCA Protection Badge

To apply the DMCA Protection Badge on a blog or website follow the steps given below:

#1. Registration

First, you have to visit the official website of the Digital Millennium Copy Right Act (DMCA). Go to the register page and fill up the application. In which you will be asked your Mail id, Name, Website, etc.

#2. Username Password

After registration, you will get your User Name and Password to your Mail id. Now you have to log in again.

#3. DMCA Code

After logging in again, you will be given a code, Copy that and come to the Admin Panel of your website and set the Text Widget and Paste the code.

Boom! Now DMCA Protection Badge will be appearing on your blog or website. Until now you must have understood how to apply DMCA Badge on your website. If you have any questions or information allied to DMCA, then feel free to share your thoughts with us below in the comments section.

Advantage of having DMCA Protection

  • If any original content is copied from your blog, then you can report it.
  • You can keep an eye on your content live & secure it as much as possible.
  • DMCA Protection certificate allows you to send a message to warn or advise him not to copy your content.

How To Secure Posts On Your Blog From Being Copied

If you discover that someone is copying content from your website or your blog, then the 1st best thing to do is to talk to him. You should tell him/her to not to copy your content. If he/she still does not agree after this, perhaps you ensure that he has not copied your complete article. Before checking this, you are not supposed to take any action.

If the person has not copied the entire content, then you cannot file a case on it according to Terms & Conditions. If they have copied your content completely without making any changes then you have full rights to file a case against the person but do consider reading Google’s terms & conditions once.

DMCA Protection

How To File a DMCA Takedown Notification

When a person copies your unique content, the best choice is to file a DMCA Takedown Notification.

If a website owner refuses to eliminate your copyrighted content after you ask them to, you’ll need to give the domain’s hosting provider with an official DMCA Takedown Notification.

DMCA Protection

You can send an email to copyright@github.com. You can include an attachment if you feel likely but consider to enter plain text in your email. If you like you can also send a physical mail but email notification would be a better option because they respond faster to email than the physical mail.

If you are copying the entire content from other people’s websites, then do consider to make changes depending on your skills or else the person with the original content can also take action against you. Yes, you can get their idea of ​​what they have written, then according to your talent, you can write.

Do consider to share your thoughts or questions related to DMCA, below in the comments section…

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