What is DMCA?Create a DMCA Protected Website?

What is DMCA

Today we will discuss DMCA in this article, If you write content on your website yourself, then you are safe, but if your copy content from other websites or blog, then you can also get stuck in its circle. Talking about the DMCA Full Form is the Digital Millennium Copy Right Act which was enacted in 1998 by Bill Clinton. The reason behind implementing it was that no person could copy anything else.

Digital Millennium Copy Right Act


If someone is stealing the content on your website and uploading it right on his/her website, then you can catch it. Warn him or report him, you are free to investigate by the Digital Millennium Copy Right Act.

Through the Digital Millennium Copy Right Act, you can secure your blog to a great extent. You can also monitor it live as well.

DMCA Protection Badge on your website remains as a warning for content copyers. With which you can alert that person whenever you want and if he does not agree, then you proceed to proceed.

How To Complain About Copy Content?

If you also find your content on another website, then first you have to see how much content has been copied by that person. If he has stolen your entire article, then you can easily file a case, but if he has not copied your content completely but has made some changes in it, then you do not have the rights to file a case.

Always keep in mind, if the content has not been copied completely by another person, then it is not punishable according to the conditions. Any person is free to create his content from any website, so be sure to read Google’s Terms & Conditions before taking any action.

So far, you must have understood What is DMCA and when it can be complained. Now let’s talk about how to apply DMCA Protection Badge on your website or blog?

DMCA Protection Badge

To apply DMCA Protection Badge on a blog or website, you will have to work for few minutes, for which you must follow the points given below.


If you have to go to its official website for Digital Millennium Copy Right Act Registration. Where you have to fill the form. In which you will be asked your mail id, name, website etc.

Username Password

After registration, you will get the User Name and Password on the mail id. So that you can log in again.


After logging in again, you will be given a code, which you will copy and come to the Admin Panel of your website and set the Text Widget and paste the code.

After which DMCA Protection Badge will start appearing on your blog or website. Let’s hope DMCA Kya Hai? And you must have understood how to put it on the website. If you have any questions or information related to DMCA Kya Hai in your mind, then do not forget to write us in the comment box.

DMCA Advantage

if a post or content is stolen from your blog, then you can report it

You can monitor your blog live and secure it as much as you can.

 When you apply for this, you will get a DMCA Protection Certificate. With this, whoever copies any of your content, can send an alert message to him that brother, do not copy me, it is not good for your health.

How To Prevent Any Post On Your Blog From Being Copied

If you know that someone is copying content from your website or from your block, then talk to him. You told them not to copy our contact. If he does not agree after this, then you check his block properly that he has not copied your entire article. Before this, you should not take action even.

If it has not copied the entire content, then you cannot make a case on it or you can not make a case through the DMCA from Google. So first of all, you keep checking their entire block, what content they have copied completely, only then you can make a case on them.

How To Complain About Copying Data From Our Website

If you have found out that someone has copied your data, then you can complain to them through Google that they have stolen the data from your website. You have to read Google’s Terms & Condition first and only then you have to make any complaint.

It is not that you have seen that someone has copied lightly and their post is coming in search, your name and all the title things are all one JC, then you cannot claim by doing such copyright. If all your content has been copied, then only after reading its Terms & Condition you can complain for it.

If you are copying the entire content from the website by yourself, then it is also wrong that you do not have to copy the content from any other website. Yes, you can not get their idea of ​​what they have written, then according to your own talent, you can write about how you write, how people like you, then it all depends on the same thing.

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