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What is Grammarly?

Are you a blogger looking for Writing assistant, then you landed in right place. Today in this article we are going to discuss the Grammarly tool. World’s best writing tool. Grammarly is a lifesaver for students and bloggers like u and me. Because, While writing content there are some grammatical mistakes that can break your connection with your readers. and all we are human mistakes are part of our life so to reduce that mistakes Grammarly is with us. Today I am writing this article with the help of Grammarly. I always write my content with one flow without any grammar errors and mistakes. We can say this tool is a spelling & grammar checker that acts as a safety net against typing mistakes.

Some Features Of Grammarly

  • It will help you to find Critical grammar and spelling checks.
  • It will help you in Genre-specific writing style checks.
  • Grammar rule explanations.
  • GrammarlyEditor.
  • Microsoft Office integration.

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Grammarly Tricksblogging

You can easily use Grammarly in these apps, like

  • WordPress Editor
  • Gmail application
  • OutLook application
  • Messenger application
  • Facebook application
  • Quora application
  • Medium
  • Microsoft Word application.
  • Many More applications.

Price plans:

There are two main options, a free version that is pretty good & a premium version that costs $29.95/month or $139.95/year. I would recommend trying a free version once. I am sure you will probably love it. The best part is, it is incredibly easy to use and is probably the most powerful online grammar checker available.

The different ways to use Grammarly:

Grammarly is an online tool, so you need to have an internet connection to use it.

However, there are various ways to check your mistakes and typos, including:

1. The Grammarly web tool

In this option, you just have to copy and paste your writing into the Grammarly web tool. To check your writing visit Grammarly web tool, click on ‘New’ in the dashboard and paste your work/writing in the blank page, now give few seconds to for Grammarly to do its magic. The software reads analyze and corrects your mistakes in a few moments. 

If you have a full document just upload it directly instead of clicking ‘New’ in the dashboard.Alternatively, you can also type directly on the their website and the tool will check your mistakes as you go.

2. Desktop app

If you prefer to check your work via an application, this is also possible as long as you use Windows Desktop or MacOS. Download the application by visiting the download page [ ] and follow the installation instructions and start using the tool in the same way as the online version.

3. Microsoft Word

This Tool also allows you to add-in directly within Microsoft Word. However, this is only available if you are using Windows. Note that you need to be connected to the internet while using it in Microsoft Word.

Just visit the add-in page and follow the instructions to add it to Microsoft Word. Once added it will check your writing as you type.

4. Browser extension

This is the easiest way to use Grammarly. You can search for this amazing tool in the chrome web store or Search for Grammarly Extension in search engine.

Simply add the extension to your browser and it will automatically check your writing on mostly every website you write.

5. On your phone

Grammarly has its own keyboard which you can use on your smartphone. This  application is accessible for both android & ios devices. You can download the application via play store or App store.

Is Grammarly Premium worth it?

Grammarly Premium includes a far greater number of checks comparing to free version relating to grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and context.  Premium plans includes:

  • Writing inconsistencies
  • Unclear structure
  • Overuse of words
  • Wordiness
  • Inappropriate tone
  • Insensitive language.

The free version is a pretty good tool, and also better than not having a second set of eyes look over your work. If you’re a writer on a budget, feel free to install Grammarly
and test it by yourself.

However, as like most things in life, things that cost money are probably better than their free alternatives.

In  Premium plans you will also receive tips to improve your writing and feedback/context behind your mistakes.s

Here’s how much Grammarly costs:

Version Monthly Quarterly Annual
Premium $29.95/month $59.95 (breaks down to $19.98/month) $139.95 (breaks down to $11.66/month)

Features Free Premium
Grammar and spelling checks
Checks punctuations grammar, context, and
sentence structure
Vocabulary enhancement X
Genre-specific writing style checks X
Plagiarism detector (checks over 16 billion
web pages)

Pros & Cons ofGrammarly


  1. Real-time grammar checker.
  2. Highly accurate
  3. Easy to understand explanations
  4. Customization
  5. Very simple to use


  1. Its free version is limited

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