SEMrush Review-How to use SEMrush?

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush makes it very simple to locate what keyword your site (or your competitor’s site) is ranking for. Well, it makes keyword research a lot easier.

Once you are ended doing your keyword research, you can add in keywords and pathway their positions in all major search engines based on geographical location. I highlight the geographical location feature because it’s significant for those who aim definite countries like Spain, U.K, Australia, India, U.S, etc. For a worldwide blogger, you can also make use of this feature to check out how your site ranks in exact countries’ search engines.

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It is an important search engine marketing tool that each and every serious blogger and internet marketer be supposed to have in their SEO tool store. SEMrush has more than 130,000,000 domains and more than 800,000,000 keywords in its database. SEMrush will permit you to discover all of the keywords for which any existing web page on the internet is ranking. You can also find more numerical details concerning specific keywords and associated keywords that you can rank for.

We forever have our ears to the ground paying attention for the far-away rumbling of the next immense tool that will perk up the way we do digital business — particularly when it has to do with keyword research, SEO best practices, link building, Website health, and keeping an observant eye on our opponents.

Luckily, SEMrush is an open tool that covers all of those types of facts and further. In actuality, there is so a lot into SEMrush that covering all of it might take at least a whole day of reading. So, for shortness, we’ll talk about a number of the key features and tools that we make use of often.

Tools of SEMrush

Below, you’ll come across a list of the most widespread SEMrush tools we use frequently to assist us in our marketing hard work.

1. Keyword research

At first, we had high hopes to SEMrush that it could help us to identify and target effective new keywords.

SEMrush has several tools to assist user’s research keywords & blog article topics. Like new Keyword Magic tool, Topic Research tool, Organic Research tool. With the help of these tools, you’re bound to find an overabundance of keywords to put up content around for years to come further.

2. Keyword magic tool

With, more than 2 million keywords in its database, you’re sure to come across plenty of keywords for your business.

You can as well make up to 50 targeted keyword lists if you’re helping several clients or if your business has a lot of facets.

Just type in any keyword and instantly you will be able to obtain results. But I recommend you to use short-tail keywords

3. Keyword Analyzer tool

The keyword analyzer tool permits you further to discover up to 1,000 chosen keywords of your choice. You can also:

  • segment them further for analysis
  • export keywords to a spreadsheet
  • Send keywords to different tools like the position tracking tool.

4. Position tracking tool

Just the once you have figured out the keywords you actually wish to track, you would like to put in them to the position tracking tool.

You will get updates on a weekly basis on how you and your opponents are ranking for those keywords. One finer feature is it will show you all the different SERP features that keyword is triggering and still who have those SERP features.

You can also look into your competitors’ landing pages to check what they are doing and get new ideas for your pages. If you are a local business then you can also Geo-target those keywords to see how you are doing at a local search level instead of relying on your national rankings?

5. Domain Overview tool

With SEMrush, you don’t require to discontinue at researching new keywords. You can also become skilled at a load of information regarding your own website as well as keywords you by now rank for.

Commonly, you may not even become conscious that some of the keywords that are bringing traffic to your site or the quantity of traffic those keywords are generating. To collect information regarding your own domain, just enter your root domain into the Domain Overview tool and several metrics will be displayed.

6. Organic Research tool

In the Organic Research tool, you can obtain a lot of information regarding the keywords you or your competitors at present rank for.

In the Overview tab, there will be a graph displaying your keyword development over time. You can revolutionize this graph to display all top 10 page results, top 5 page results, top 2 page results, 1st-page results, and also top 3 results.

Checking out this element is an excellent way to see precisely the keywords that are bringing you traffic. Oftentimes you may even find keywords that are performing very powerfully for your site that you were not until that time attentive of, allowing you to retarget those keywords for better effectiveness.

7. Keyword Gap tool

This tool helps you to view how your website stats up alongside others in your space that are targeting the same keywords as you used.

This tool allows you to enter up to 5 websites at an instance.

In this tool, you’ll get a list of keywords. The keywords are similar for both you and your competitor(s). It allows you to see your ranking for the keyword VS your competitor(s) ranking.

You will also be able to obtain data like volume, difficulty to rank, CPC, & Adwords opposition.

A secondary way to make use of this tool is to alter the Venn diagram between the websites so you can take a look at keywords your competitor has that you don’t rank for at all.  Or find keywords that they have and you don’t. And use the keywords that your website lack compared to your competitor.

8. Website review tools

If you wish to identify how well your website and website copy is performing, don’t worry SEMrush has a bundle of tools for these sorts of metrics.

9. Site Audit tool

Check out all of your keywords, your competitor’s keywords, and still, the amount of traffic isn’t enough. Then you can also run a site audit in SEMrush to check if there is any kind of issue with your site that may hold back its performance.

10. Backlinks Analytics tool

Backlinks are still one of the major significant signals to search engines to assist them to conclude the superiority of pages.

With the help of the Backlinks Analytics tool, you can review all the backlinks which pages are being linked, from where are the links are coming from and how they are growing over time to your website or to your competitor’s website.

Bear in mind that you can also make use of this tool to see where your competitors are bringing links from and use as chances for outreach.

11. Backlink Audit tool

This tool helps you to check your list of backlinks whether there are any toxic backlinks.

Toxic backlinks can harm the status of your site, so you should examine your backlinks and reject very toxic links. 

How much does SEMrush cost?

There are different types of plans to depending on the size and scope of your SEO keyword strategy you wish to employ. Below we will differentiate which plan holds what features?

SEMrush Pro $99.95/month 10,000 results per report, 3,000 reports per day, 5 projects, 500 keywords to track, and 100,000 pages to crawl, 5 scheduled PDF reports.  
SEMrush Guru $199.95/month 30,000 results per report, 5,000 reports per day, 50 projects, 1,500 keywords to track, 300,000 pages to crawl, 20 scheduled PDF reports, Branded PDF reports, Access to historical data.  
SEMrush Business $399.95/month 50,000 results per report (for each of 4 users), 10,000 reports per day (for each of 4 users), 200 Projects, 5,000 keywords to track (1,500 per user), 1,000,000 pages to crawl (300,000 per user), 50 scheduled PDF reports (for each of 4 users), Branded PDF reports, Access to historical data, Product listing ads, Multi-user management.  

Well, plans don’t end here! Yes, there are deals from which you can enjoy extra benefits and additional savings if you agree to pay annually.

SEMrush Annual Pro Plan: $999.36

SEMrush Annual Guru Plan: $1,999.44

SEMrush Annual Business Plan: $3,999.36

Each and every tool has assured positive & negative characteristics,

SEMrush is a helpful tool with lots of functions, but its disadvantages are also necessary to talk about.  

Pros of SEMrush

  • Proper Understanding of your Site’s Performance
  • Availability of Valuable Keywords
  • Understanding of your Competition
  • Maintain Existing Traffic
  • Earning of Valuable Backlinks

Cons of SEMrush

  • Unfriendly User Interface
  • Subsequent Logging Disadvantage
  • Fear Factor
  • Largely Complicated
  • Inaccurate Ad Spend Data

Bonus: How to get the SEMrush Pro account free for 14 days? (Worth: $99.95)

Below are the steps to How to get SEMrush Pro account for free valid for 14 days:

Step 1: Click Here to get 14 days free trial, after clicking the link on this page

Step 2: Click/Smash on “Start your free 14-day trial now!” button on the page.

Step 3: After that, you’ll be redirected to the SEMrush register page and now you have to register by entering your email address and password and after registering; now you will be redirected to the billing page.

Step 4: Now enter your information like (email, name, residential address & billing information) to grab Pro account of SEMrush worth 99.95$ without spending any of your wealth.

At last, simply click on “Place the Order” button and you’ll get the full access of the SEMrush Pro account valid for 14 days for absolutely free.


The majority of people imagine that search engine optimization is like rocket science. Whilst this might be right to some amount, the truth is that if you have access to the exact tools, it’ll surely make the complete procedure much easier for you.

SEMrush is unquestionably the definitive SEO tool that will assist you to effortlessly spy on your competitors’ keywords as well as examine their backlinks.

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