How To Start A Blog In 2020 [Guide For Beginner]

Start a Blog

Want to know how to start a blog in 2020? That’s good. Starting a blog in 2020 is a good idea. And it is the base of your blogging career. First of all, I will introduce myself to you. My Name Is Amit. I started my one blog in 2016 but I did not follow all blogging basics due to that my idea of starting a successful blog did not come to true. After some years I started a new blog and I became a successful blogger. I started New Blog On digital Marketing and it was one of the successful blogs. I’ve been blogging for more than five years and I love every moment of it. Blogging helped me find my first job and earn money on the side of the blogging platform. Starting my blog was the best decision I ever made in my life.

If I will tell you blogging is a good platform to earn money online, then you will be very happy. Blogging is a good source of passive income. Which helps you to live life like a boss? So starting a blog is the first and crucial step. Starting a blog is a simple thing but making money from a blog is a little bit hard. But there are lots of techniques with which you can earn money with your blog. Starting a blog is not a complicated thing, but all you need some guidance, tips and some tricks to start a blog in 2020. I know this is a lengthy article I am going to write but I am sure After reading this guide, you will start your blog today and make a path for your success. I always share the best Tips for bloggers so read this article on starting a blog from scratch till lasts. If you will follow all blogging basics then it’s not very hard to start your blog and become a successful blogger. Here we will discuss easy steps to start your profitable blog without making a mistake and some bonus tips & tricks which help you to start your new branded & successful blog. Before starting a discussion on the exact topic? Have you thought about the Purpose behind creating a blog? Every Blogger has a certain Concept behind blogging. Have you your own? Hence, take some time to figure out your message and the purpose of your blog before going to the exact purpose of making a blog.

There are several reasons behind making a blog or starting the blog. No
worries, I will tell you why you think to create a blog in simple words.

What Is Blog?

In simple words, a blog is a type of website that focuses mainly on blog posts, or we simply wrote content. In every Blog, a Newly Updated post appears on the top of the Blog page(Or Home page of the blog). There are several reasons behind creating a blog.we are going to discuss this post.

Why To create/Start A Blog ?

  • To enhance writing and thinking skills by writing on a blog
  • To establish expertise with the help of a blog
  • To increase self-confidence with the help of blogging
  • To network with others in the industry
  • To make money blogging.

How To Start A Blog In 2020 [Guide For Beginner]

How To Create A blog ?

  • Select a perfect niche for your blog-Do case Study.
  • Pick a blog name. Choose something descriptive.
  • Get your blog online. Register your blog and get hosting.
  • Customize your blog. Choose a free template and tweak it.
  • Write & publish your first post. The fun part!
  • Promote your blog. Get more people to read your blog.
  • Make money blogging. Choose from several options to monetize your blog.

Select a perfect niche for your blog

Before you learn how to start a successful and profitable blog, you must first find your niche for your blog, figure out how to make your blog profitable, and figure out who your ideal visitors are.
In simple words, a niche is a topic that you write about most often, on your blogs. Suppose you like solving health issues of peoples then simply you can create Blogs on health issues. But keep in mind that you should target one topic or one niche. Niche blogs are easy to monetize and they usually contain affiliate links, advertisements, etc and with the help of this affiliate marketing and advertising, they become profitable.
First of all, figure out, what people like .which you are targeting before starting a blog.

Many Blogger fails in this task due to lack of knowledge and 90% of bloggers quit blogging in starting three months because they choose the niche which they don’t passionate about. Niche is like a topic but it is not a simple topic You have to choose suitable for you from several topics.

ShoutMeLoud: ShoutMeLoud is one of the most significant websites which teaches about WordPress, SEO, Blogging, and much more stuff related to blogging. This is the one type Of niche website. Just watch a video to choose Your blog niche and some more ideas.


Decide: Free Blog or Self-Hosted Blog

The second main important thing while developing a blog is Platform.
There are two types of Blogs by considering platform that is Self Hosted or free blog. You need to do is choose whether you are going to build a self-hosted blog on your domain name or a free blog.

Why WordPress Is Better?

Because in other free platforms or Paid Platforms, you can’t have access to edit or customize everything. But WordPress is the Best Blogging Platform which gives you the freedom to make your blog as you can. In the WordPress platform, you have many free plugins and paid plugins also Premium WordPress themes that you can use to make your blog Awesome! And Profitable I highly recommend going for the “self-hosted” way, as it gives you much more flexibility and control. Another drawback of the free blog is you cannot setup your custom domain. I.e. you have to go with their domain. Having your domain name like will make you look more serious than having a domain like If You decided to go with self-hosted blogging platform then The best free blogging platform you can use is

Choose a Good Domain for Your Blog

Domain Name – The domain name is the name of the blog or website which readers types in the browser.

Selecting the name for your website or blog is not very tough and you can easily select a perfect domain name for your new blog. Many bloggers think blog name and the domain name are different but both are the same. They are synonyms. Before choosing the name Keep in mind your topic of the blog. If you are creating a blog related to blogging then keep in mind the word blogging, blogger, blog, blogs (Related words to your niche) should be there in your domain. You know why?

Let me explain, If you will keep that word in your domain name then it will be very helpful in ranking and SEO so if you will put in the domain then It will be very helpful.

There are lots of TLD for any domain.

Let me explain what Tld is. Suppose is your domain name.

  1. https:// (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
  2. www (the sub domain)
  3. Tricksblogging (Domain name)
  4. .com is Extension

A .com domain extension is the most preferred, but .net or .org work as well. You can choose the country-specific domain. Suppose you are from the UK then you can change to .uk TLD. I recommend you to use domain extension like .com because it’s for globally & it is helpful in SEO.

Pro Tip– Select small name for domain. Avoid Spaces In Domain Name. After Choosing a Domain name for Your Blog Go to Any Hosting Provider and search that domain is available for purchase. But if you want a free domain for one year I recommend the Bluehost Hosting plan. Bluehost offers a free domain for one year with a free SSL certificate. Only you have to pay for hosting space.

Choose a Good Hosting For Your Blog

Choosing good hosting is a crucial part of blogging. For making a profitable blog, you have to need web-hosting and domain. But many people’s don’t know what is hosting is?

Let me explain a little bit about the Hosting.

Web Hosting – A web hosting is a place where all your files of your blog are stored and show your blog lives when someone tries to access that. Hosting is like the hard disk of the computer, which stored all your data (images, posts, pages, and many more) and keeps your data secured.

There are two types of Web Hosting:

  1. Windows-based Web Hosting.
  2. Linux based Web Hosting.

Now, are you thinking which hosting is best for you?

Linux based web hosting is best for any type of Website and Blog. But if you are making WordPress blog then WordPress hosting is the best solution for you. WordPress hosting is part of windows hosting or Linux hosting but offers only WordPress installations. Many bloggers suggest lots of hosting by their experience but beginners in the blogging world face lots of error during setup and configuration of the server.

So I tried some hosting from the below list so you can try any Hosting from below.

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How To Purchase Web Hosting

Visit of will look like in the image below.

How To Start A Blog In 2020 [Guide For Beginner]

Select a plan according to your need but I recommend Prime Plan as it has more features than the basic plan.

How To Start A Blog In 2020 [Guide For Beginner]

In search box Enter your domain name and check is that available or not. If it is available then go to the next step otherwise try to choose another domain similar to the current one.

How To Start A Blog In 2020 [Guide For Beginner]

After selecting the domain name fill all correct and proper information and move to the next step.

How To Start A Blog In 2020 [Guide For Beginner]

Select Plan according to Your Need. I suggest you go with a three years plan. With three years plan, you will get an extra discount.

How To Start A Blog In 2020 [Guide For Beginner]

Now you will be redirected to check out page. Fill Your card details and make a payment.

When you complete your purchase successfully, Bluehost will send you a confirmation email, and you’ll also be able to set the main password for your account. You will get your invoice in the same email.

Congratulations! You have successfully purchased a Bluehost hosting plan and domain for you. Now we will see how to set up your blog with that hosting.

Install WordPress

You are Now Part of the Best web hosting company so there is no need for manual installation of WordPress in Bluehost. Automatically they will do that. Only you need to follow some basic instructions which I am giving below.

  1. Log in to your user profile at Bluehost.
  2. In the “Home” page click on the blue button “WordPress”.
  3. That’s all!

If you are not using Bluehost and want to manual setup then follow this guide to setup WordPress manually in any other hosting manual installation guide.

Theme Setup On a blog

After installing WordPress for your blog. You can log in to your dashboard with this URL (replace name with your domain).

Designing your blog is more important if you are just starting your new blog. Good Design of your blog plays an important role in grabbing more people or readers on your blog.

If you don’t have a great design, so you are losing a lot of traffic and audience. The good design of the blog helps to build more trust towards your readers.

To add a new theme Just go to dashboard > appearance>Themes and click on add new button.

In your WordPress, there are lots of free themes that are available for you, but I don’t recommend you to go with those themes because these free themes are less functional and do not provide security, if you will go with free themes you cannot make advanced changes according to your need so I recommend going with following themes.

Some Essential Plugins for WordPress

Plugins play a vital role in WordPress without plugins we cannot add more functionality to WordPress hence plugins are necessary to (Optimize your content, for SEO, Speed, and many more). There are lots of plugins on WordPress, but there are some plugins that I am currently using.

I am sharing a list of my favorite plugins. I personally use all of these plugins almost in all of my websites.

Contact Form 7 – With the help of this plugin your readers can contact you with the help of contact form. This is the best way to contact with your readers.

Elementor or Thrive Architect – If You want to build any page by only drag and drop then there are these two plugins which are very high-level functionality which allows you to create your dream landing page by just drag and drop.

Rank Math SEO – SEO is important to rank and drive a lot of traffic on any type of blog. Rank math is the new Best SEO plugin that becomes a favorite for every blogger now. Many bloggers suggest you go with Yoast, but I don’t recommend that because they are proving lots of free features. For accessing all those features you have to take a pro plan in Yoast.

WP Rocket – You already know that speed is one factor to rank on Google. So WP rocket is the plugin, which helps you to optimize your full website and make it faster. I strongly recommend you to buy this plugin if you are looking for an alternative to this so you can go with autoptimize.

Thrive Leads – If you want to collect emails of your readers so you can try to thrive leads which helps you to make popup light box, sticky ribbon, screen filler overlay, content lock, and more.

iThemes Security – Security is the no.1 priority; many times, somebody tries to hack your website, so this plugin helps you to secure your entire website. Using the security plugin is essential to keep your blog safe.

UpdraftPlus – Backup of your website is necessary, although your site ground keeps website backup daily. But for more security, I used this plugin to backup my website daily. This plugin helps you to backup your full website, and you can restore that data whenever you need it.

Anti-Spam – Many times, someone makes spam comments on your blog. This plugin helps you that if someone comment on your blog and comment looks like spam, so this plugin automatically removes it. – If you are writing an informative article which has a lot of image in it so this plugin tries to optimize your images and by this your website load fast.

Social Snap Pro – Social snap is a social sharing plugin, but I like this plugin so much because they help to drive traffic from mediums like – Facebook, Twitter, and many more platforms.

These are the top plugins which I almost used in my all website to run them properly.

I don’t recommend you to go with nulled or cracked plugins because these types of plugins are easy to hack by the hacker, and by this, you lose all your website data. If you want to do professional blogging and make money out of it, I highly recommend you keep the investment mindset and treat your blog like a business.

If you are wondering how to install the plugin? Let me help with you that,

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard
  2. Then go to Plugins → Add New
  3. Then upload your plugin zip file and click on the “install now” button.
  4. After installing, click on the “activate button” to install that particular plugin.

Now let move on to other topics.

Step 7: Write Your First Stunning Post and Published It


So, are you wondering relating to starting your 1st blog post?

Don’t worry! I will help you to start and write your 1st blog post. Firstly, Congratulations because you have fruitfully set up your WordPress blog, and now is the time to write your first post on your blog. Believe this is going to be fun. All you have to do is follow the steps below:

First, go to Dashboard

Now, go to Post

Lastly, click on Add New

After going through these steps you will land on a page. Here you can begin writing your content to your 1st post.

There is no doubt that you will complete writing your post in several minutes. But can you write your first post that looks professional and stunning? I guess the answer is NO! So, let me help you to make your very 1st post stunning and professional and also give some tips to avoid mistakes that most beginners commit in their beginning. Here we go:

  • The first thing to do is search for keywords that are easy to rank regarding your niche. By this, you will not only rank higher but also get an idea about the topic to choose if you have not chosen already.

I recommend you to choose the long-tail keywords as it’s easier to rank with them.

  • Try hard to make an eye-catchy title for your blog post.
  • Make sure to add images to your post for making your article look more attractive and easy to understand.
  • Try to make a lengthy article by adding more details regarding the topic.
  • I recommend you to go through the on-page guide so that you will be able to optimize your content easily.
  • Make use of keywords such as “I” and “YOU”. By doing this you will connect with your readers which will make them your true fan.
  • Avoid images that are copyright from Google. Always use copyright-free images.

So this is all you need to keep in mind while writing your posts. Now, let’s move onto the next step which is the favorite part of everyone on the blogging platform. Yes, I am talking about earning money from your Blog.

Step 8: Some Ways to Make Money from your Blog

There are numerous ways to earn money from blogging with no investment. I will list down some ways which I think are the best. So without wasting further time lets jump on the list.

  1. Affiliate Marketing: This is one of the most effective methods for making money online. In affiliate marketing, you have to other people’s offers/products on your blog. And if someone purchases through your link, you will be gifted with a fixed commission from the product owner.
  1. Advertising on your blog: This is the most admired way and every blogger uses this method to monetize their traffic and make money. The top two leading websites for advertising is- Adsense & You have to apply to their program and generate some amount of money.
  1. Offering Service: If you know How to sell anything then you should offer your service to your readers. Before starting to sell anything on your blog you have to create a faithful relationship with your readers/audience. If done so you have higher chances of selling your products.

Well, these are the 3 ways I found effective to earn money from Blogging. But always remember that you need to have the patience to start earning from your blog. If you do something in urgency then you might also lose your chance to earn in the future. However, if you keep up the patience and wait for the right time you will have massive wealth in your pockets.

Step 5: Promote your blog

Creating a well-designed blog and writing great content on it is the basic thing. To get readers for your blog you require spending some of your valuable time on promoting it, especially when you are a newbie or starting a fresh blog.

One of my well-liked ways to get readers to my blog is by posting links on social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc… This will make your friends, family, fans aware of your new Blog. If they like your work then they will surely pass it on to their friends and this automatically multiplies your readers. For this to happen all you need to do is post some high-quality content and share the link and wait for it to go viral.

You should not only focus on your new readers but also make sure that your current readers are coming back whenever you post a new article. And to make this thing happen you need to take the help of email marketing. Email marketing plays a big role while pulling traffic to your blog. By collecting email addresses of your visitors (of course with their permission) you can notify them by just sending a mail whenever you post something new. This will also help you to build a closer relationship with your visitors.

Let your friends know about your blog

Inform everyone you are familiar with concerning your new attempt. Comprise your blog name and URL in your email signature, place your blog link on all your social media profiles, and make use of every chance to spread the word out about your blog. People might probably visit your blog and might also ask their friends to do so. I know some of the people reading this post are thinking that you won’t get anything with this method. But the fact is that by doing this little effort which would take approximately 5-6 minutes, you might increase the number of visitors on your blog to an immense extent.

Submit your blog to search engine

This method just takes only a minute and this will assist you to get your blog indexed. Now, to submit your blog URL to Google search engine, first sign in to your Google account and go to the Submit URL  option in Webmaster tools. For more credit also consider submitting your blog URL to submit your site to Bing.

Submit your blog to bookmarking sites

Bookmarking sites can display your content to almost possible viewers who are stabbing for the content contained by your niche. You must do this every time you publish a new-fangled blog post to widen the word out. Some trendy social bookmarking sites are, Reddit, etc.

Be active in your niche

Try harder to keep up with the related blogs, forms, and social pages. Blogger communities are a chief way to unite with other bloggers within your niche. By this, you can build friendly relationships and help each other by promoting each other’s content.

Be active on social networks

Assume that your business is only one of its kinds, and you have to make use of the social media avenues that suits best for your niche. Choose the one that fits your necessities and turn into a professional influencing them to help reach your goals.

Comment on other blogs

Yeah! This is also an effective way. By commenting on other blogs related to your niche/topic will build relationships with top and professional bloggers. This will help you by creating an awareness of your existence amongst them and their readers. The one thing you should consider as significant while doing this is, you should sound more professional and clear in the comments. And also try to comment on something eye-catchy. By doing this you will attract other people’s readers towards you.

Guest blogging

Built a good relationship with other bloggers? Now, what to do? Well, take the relationship a step advance and offer to write a guest post for other websites. But be certain that your work goes on highly regarded sites and the content is openly connected to your niche. Guest blogging is a terrific way to bring more visitors to your blog. In this way, you not only reveal your existence but also receive visitors from the guest person traffic.

Start building your mailing list

On the instance, your blog grows and gets new readers than the next step to do is collect the email addresses of the people who love your work and wish to be notified whenever you post something new. In this way, you will not lose any of your current readers.

Advertising on the web (paid traffic)

This method is the paid one and also worth it. Good knowledge and high skills regarding the use of paid media can help you to augment and gain exposure. The major paid traffic sites are Google AdWords, & Facebook.

If you will follow all steps i told then it is not rocket science to start a blog and i know you will start your blog and make blog profitable,following are the some faq you should read them carefully before you start a blog.

Why do I need To start a blog?

Blogging enables you to reach the billions of people that use the Internet. Blogging can help you promote yourself or your business.

What’s the best blogging platform?

Top 3 blogging platforms for 2020

What types of blog posts are there?

The 5 Kinds of Posts That Every Blog Needs:
1. Well-researched and resourceful long-form blog posts.
2. Data-driven original stories.
3. Your personal stellar success stories.
4. Infographics and video content.
5. Your personal opinions against traditional wisdom

How often should I post to my blog?

Consistency is the key.
If you post every day for a week and then don’t post again for another two weeks, you have less of a chance of developing a devoted following

How do I schedule my blog content?

1. Start By Defining Your Blogging Goals.
2. Map Out Your Blogging Schedule.
3. Decide On Which Days You’ll Be Writing And Publishing Your Posts.
4. Schedule and Execute.
5. Evaluate and Measure Your Result.

How do I consistently come up with ideas for new posts?

#1 – Keep an ideas file. The most important thing about inspiration is that you can’t predict when it’s going to strike.
#2 – Steal from others.
#3 – Ask your audience.
#4 – Ask the internet.
#5 – Expand existing content.
#6 – Identify trends.
#7 – Tell your story.

How do I write an effective headline?

1. Use “You” To Address Your Readers.
2. Promise A Solution To A Problem.
3. Help Your Readers See A Better Future For Themselves.
4. Keep It Simple.
5. Simple Doesn’t Have To Mean Generic (Don’t Be Generic)
6. Be Specific.
7. Avoid Passive Voice.

How much does it cost to Start a Blog?

For starting a blog it cost you around $ 3.50 a month from the siteground but I recommend you to go with one year plan to get a special discount.

How to start a blog and get paid?

In the above guide, we already told you how to start a blog in 2020 and how to earn from it.

How to start a blog business?

For making a blog you can read this comprehensive guide and also you can make your blog for only business purposes.

I started my blog but how can I get traffic?

Traffic works like a motivation for newbie bloggers so if you are confused about how you can get traffic, Here is a full guide about it – Increase Website Traffic Fast.

Can I start a blog for free?

Yes, you can start your blog for a free using platform like Blogger. But i do not recommend this!

What is domain?

The domain represents both the web address of your website and the name your site visitors will use to refer to your website.

What is hosting?

A web host, or web hosting service provider, is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed in the Internet.

What’s the difference between and

The “.com” version is the free blog website where you have limited access and features. The “.org” version is where you can download the actual WordPress program for free to be used on a self-hosted blog.