Free Blog Setup with free blogging platforms.(WordPress)

How to setup free Blog?

Hi, Every beginner doesn’t know how to set up a free blog, everyone wants his free blog but no one knows how to set up a free blog. Creating a free blog is not rocket science if you follow basic blogging basics. It is not very hard to create or start your own blog. Lots of tricks blogging visitors are demanding for free blog setup. So today in this post I want to tell them, I am going to give a free blog setup. To start a free blogging setup contact me with the contact form or my official email address. Once you contact me I will set up a free blog for you. Only You have to purchase hosting and pay for the best hosting. We will take care of the rest.

If you don’t know how to purchase hosting or you are a beginner then let me know I will help you with this.

First step Towards creating a free blog

As we know a blog is one type of website which is updated on a daily basis and the latest posts remain on the top of the blog page. The first step to start a blog is to choose the best blogging platform. There are lots of free blogging platforms. You can choose any blogging platform. WordPress is the best free blogging platform to start a new blog. Wix is another blogging platform to start and blogger is the third-best free blogging platform. All blogging platforms are free to use. But if you want to start your own blog I will recommend the WordPress blogging platform with self-hosting. WordPress self-hosting is WordPress installed on your own server.

Free Blog Setup with free blogging platforms

If you are from the technical background then you can set up your blog by reading this post on how to create a blog. I have included step by step guide for creating your own blog from scratch. But if you are from the non-technical background then we will take care of your blog for free.we will not charge a single buck from you to start your blog.

Second Step -Choose Free Blogging platform

Many people search on google for free blogging platforms, but many of them don’t know WordPress is a free blogging platform to use. WordPress is a cms Platform. If you start a free blog with WordPress then it is very easy to operate your blog. You can provide more security to your blog, You can enhance the functionality of your blog.

Free Blog Setup with free blogging platforms

Third step-Choose BEST WordPress hosting.

Everyone who is starting a blog wants cheap web hosting.there are lots of web hosting which offer a cheap rate. but if you are doing blogging as your career then I will suggest some best web hosting. All these web hostings are tested by me. Remember Cheap web hostings can affect your blog speed, Ranking of your blog. Cheap hostings have lots of limitations like bandwidth, CPU speed, hard disk space and many more. So only choose hosting from best-hosting providers. There are lots of free web hosting( free WordPress hosting) with lots of do not go with free hosting for a blog.

Free Blog Setup with free blogging platforms

Step Four-Choose Best Themes and Plugins

If you have decided to go with WordPress.then Theme plays a crucial part in the design/look of your blog. The speed of your blog also depends upon your WordPress theme. Before choosing the WordPress theme read all theme functions. There are lots of free WordPress themes on the internet. Choose a mobile-friendly WordPress theme. If you want a free blog setup from us then we will provide a premium blogger theme for free. Premium blogger themes have advanced functionality and editing( customization) options. Free themes for WordPress does not provide this function. If you are deciding to go with a blogger then there are lots of free blogger themes available on the internet. You can search on google to download it. But again I am saying blogger is limited up to certain condition so WordPress is the best blogging platform.

Find a Perfect Domain in 10 minutes?

In simple, words domain is the name of your blog. It is a unique address where Internet users can access your website. Every time you can not remember the IP address of any website or blog to outcome this problem allocating domain name to that IP was the best solution. since then this unique name of your blog represents your IP and vice versa

A domain name can be any combination of letters, numbers. Every time we have to use domain extension as like .com, .net, .org, etc… There are 200+ different types of extensions available on today’s date. If you go with below hostings then you will get a free domain.

Bluehost Web Hosting is the best web hosting recommended by WordPress. Click here to get the best discount from Bluehost.

Hostgator is another best web hosting and I always recommend to my blog visitors. Click here to get the best discount from HostGator web hosting

Siteground is the best web hosting and it is also good for WordPress.and if you are creating a blog for the first time then this is the best hosting solution for you. Click here to get a big discount from the site ground.

As promised we will set up a free WordPress blog for you. To move forward Click Here and send us an email or contact us using the contact form. we will be back as soon as possible to start your blog. If you have any queries comment.

How to Create A blog

As i told creating a blog is not rocket science.If you want to start a blog there are lots of articles on the internet so please go through articles or read articles on my blog.Which will solve all doubtsin Your mind

How To create Free Blog

To Create free blog you need Best web hosting.If you dont have web hosting you can start with blogger.

How to create your Blog Profitable ?

To Make a Blog Profitabl Apply for Google AdSense, You can start CPA Marketing with your blog to earn Online money from home.

Which are free blogging platforms?

Wordpress,Blogger,WIX are Free blogging platforms to start successful blogging.

Before starting a blog every blogger has lots of questions in mind. So Lets dive into the questionnaire every blogger asks to google.

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