About Me

My name is Amit Mhetre, and I wrote about Blogging, How to Make Money, Blogging basics, Affiliate marketing and how to make online money or making money with affiliate marketing so that you can do it today!

I can say I was lucky to start my first blog in 2015 because in 2015 there was little competition but on another hand, I was unlucky The main reason behind that was my first blog flopped. I started with Shopcrez.com & my prize.in but both of them were not lucky for me.But at the beginning of 2016, I noticed lots of people were developing their own blogs and making money with blog. This gave me the opportunity to be part of a very exciting period when things were changing really fast online. In the middle of 2016, I started viralcrez.com.It was the second experiment in my life and it also flopped. At the end of 2016, I started with Jobcrez.com,themecrez.com & Majhajodidar.com but all flopped. There was “crez ” only in the names of my blogs. but I was back in the world of blogging in 2017.

I have seen things come and go, but one of the things that’s stuck around without changing too much is blogging. People love to share their thoughts , knowledge, and ideas, and other people love to read them.

What is the Tricks Blogging?

The Tricksblogging is a place where I can share the knowledge from my experiences starting blogs and websites.

I realized that there must be a lot of other people out there who want to start their own blogs and wants to earn money, but just don’t know where to begin. Since I can’t help everyone personally, I decided that I would create a blog that would show people exactly how to do it, even if they had absolutely no prior experience.

When thinking about what to call the website, I decided that I am sharing tips and tricks of blogging. So, that’s how tricksblogging.com came to be!